Monday, November 22, 2010

Lulu And The Long Writing Road Ahead

A short while ago, I joined a writing site called, AllVoices. The premise of the site was simple; the average joe could go on and report their news and get paid based on strength of writing, popularity of posts, and a number of other factors. The difficult part was getting found amongst all the stories about Emma Watson's haircut, and who Jessica Simpson was banging that week.

In an effort to try and get noticed, plus do something a little creative, I started doing a top 10 based on Yahoo's search trends at time of writing. Much to my surprise, it worked and I started averaging around 1000 readers per day, building up a nice little nest egg (around $250), and having it picked up by a weekly Colorado newspaper.

The tone of the top 10's was sarcastic, but very tongue in cheek, which seemed to have been missed by a lot of peope who took serious offence to their celebs being bashed (most notably Lady Gaga). I became a little jaded with the daily bashings and, in an effort to keep my temper in check, I stopped posting it and decided to do a self-published book on starting on Jan 1st, 2011.

I miss doing the 10's though and have decided to start putting them up here instead, just as a sort of practice run till the real thing starts next year. BTW, the whole idea was born out of the fact that none of the top 10 trends had anything to do with what was really going on in the world that had a major impact, rather it was all trivial nonsense. With that in mind I also started posting the top headline of the day, just to see if anyone even ared enough to search on this space for the daily top 10's.


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