Friday, December 31, 2010

Get Out Of My Head!!

I may have mentioned previously that I am a bit of a lazy bugger. Why bother doing something today, when it can be put off until 4 and a half moths from now? This is all well and good until you forget to pay bills and you find yourself cuffed and bent over the hood of a police car (that hasn't really happened......YET).

I am fortunate in the way in which I write. I get an idea, start having character conversations in my head, and the story just kinda blooms out from there until it is fully formed and finished. At that point I commit it to laptop in one big blurb, fingers barely leaving the keys. The good part is that even when I procrastinate, the full story stays tucked away, filed neatly in stacks of folders inside my noggin, until I am ready to write. Here is a peek into my private files, a small glimpse at what I have written, but have yet to spew out.

MARY IN THE SQUARE - This came on a stormy night in Savannah, while Pen and I sat in the outdoor patio of a late night pizza joint. The idea was so vivid and so very real feeling, so electrically charged was our little environment. Pen still has the napkins that I scribbled all the ideas is a little excerpt..

She stands, motionless, amidst the maelstrom; thunder roars and lightning cracks that threaten to rend the skies apart. Driving rain finds a way through the canopy of oaks and drenches her, pasting the fabric of her gown against goose fleshed skin in fevered lovers embrace.
Then, just for a moment, there is calm, and she raises her eyes to the heavens and screams, a caterwauling wail that echoes through the square and attempts to raise the dead.

FILM AT 11 - I love this idea, I really do, although I can't really remember how it came to me which is odd. Basically it's the tale of a man who accidentally kills a prostitute in a downtown alleyway and proceeds to become haunted, via his TV, by the ghost of a dead news anchor who was murdered in the same street. The anchorman reports the hooker murder, in various stages of decay I might add, tormenting our "hero".

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION - This came while I was stuck in traffic and in desperate need of a bathroom. The idea that I may have to pull into a location that was less than savory popped, unwanted and unwelcome, into my head, and the story was born. It turns into a nasty, gore filled, shit stained piece, and it may never see the light of day.

UNNAMED - My latest little idea is not yet fully formed, but involves an old hanging tree (yes, we have one in our little downtown area), the kids who climb it, and the spirits that reside in the upper branches. If I think about it long enough, it will come.

That's it for now. I think I keep those in there, because any time I write, and complete, a story, I feel like that may be the end of it. Nothing else, no fresh ideas , will ever come again, yet they always do. Time to write these methinks.


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