Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Kindling

Here is what I screwed myself out of

 I am a big ass blabbermouth, the sort of fellow who simply doesn't know when to shut up. This infernal yammering came back to bite me in the butt this holiday season, as my wife Penny, tired of hearing me go on about the Nook Color and all the great magazine subscriptions that would look so wonderful on it, snapped and returned the Kindle she had bought for me. How could I have known that such a brilliant gift was mine for the taking if I had just shut up for 2 minutes? I'm an idiot, my wife is awesome.....nuff said.
For those of you lucky enough to be mute, or in possession of the ability to leave well enough alone, it must be a wonderful time as you hold your new Kindle in your hands. Or is it? You have the reader, but no cash to buy a book to download after blowing your wad on presents and turkey dinner. Well, do not worry, for I have a few places you can go to get a hold of free books, enough in fact to tide you over until the debt collector stops calling.

1.  Project Gutenberg -  With over 33,000 titles (mostly the classics), there is enough here to keep you reading FREE for years to come. Oddly enough, The Kama Sutra is the top download there at the moment. Not only is the Kindle the top e-reader, it also doubles as a sex toy apparently.

2. Google E-Bookstore - Again, mostly classics like Dickens, Austen etc, but an excellent place to start for the frugal or financially embarrassed.

3. Open Library - Over 20 million items available here, all contributed by the sites users. You can find articles on just about any subject here, almost like a giant, virtual encyclopedia.

That should be enough to keep you all reading for a while. As for me, I will have to wait until the Nook drops in price, or until my next bonus at work. Hmmmmmm, I did just notice that my daughter left her Kindle here by mistake. Should I tell her or not?


Chef Penny said...

Sorry, Babe, I really thought you did not want it!

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