Friday, December 24, 2010

My World

LOL....My babies

You often hear folks mumble the words, "it's a small world", when they stumble upon the friend of a friend of a family member who married a goat 25 years ago. That doesn't make the world small, merely creepy. What makes it small is YOU!! The less people you let in, the smaller it gets. My world is tiny, due, in large part, to me. I don't like people. They have the unerring ability to cheat, deceive, and screw you to get ahead in their own world, in short.....letting you down is their unconscious goal.
My world is small, but good. Kids, brilliantly well balanced, smart and well on their way to being capable, healthy adults. My love for them knows no bounds. Family, great....I am the one who lets that side down...they know it, I know it, but they seldom complain. That they continue to reach out to me when my arms stay firmly by my side says more about them than I ever could. It's not that I don't want to, I LOVE them, but something inside stops me.
My friends, the few that I have...ditto my family.

Penny.....nuff said

Then there is my wife, the woman who doesn't have to, yet chooses to spend each and every day by my side, and does so with unfailing strength and love. She is why I choose to wake each day, no matter how tired...the reason I laugh when all around me should drive me to tears...the one that makes me pull my arms from my side and make me reach for an embrace that I don't deserve, yet always get whenever I need it. It's all enough to make a man feel superior, yet I am humbled by it all....a wife and family and kids who love me for what I am, in spite of my glaring deficiencies.
This is the perfect example of where I fall short, that it is easier for my to write this than speak it aloud....yet, I know that all who matter will read this, so it's good.


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