Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis The Season

Say hello to my future

Today is my last full day at work before I embark on 5 days of freedom from the raptures of box hefting. Now, while I hope that this day is a little less full than most regular shifts, I am also fully aware that there really will be no free time.
What the next few work-free days will consist of is a steady diet of cleaning, laundry, and wishing I was back at my REAL job. On the bright side, my kids will be here for a couple of days, and you can rest assured they will be put to work like Victorian era street urchin chimney sweeps. The less glamorous tasks like cat litter cleaning and hauling trash bags to the condo skip will be their equivalent of christmas fruitcake.
On top of honing my man-maid skills, I will also be trying to do a little bit of writing, as well as actually getting to spend a couple of hours a day with Penny (my wife), something that doesn't happen that much given our conflicting work schedules.
Let's recap; 5 days off, kids visit, quality wife time, writing, some chores. It would appear that the happy pendulum has swung in my favor....bring it on I say.


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