Thursday, December 30, 2010


The text message was as simple as it gets, "my computer is gone". When that little note from Penny popped up on the phone, I assumed she meant that it was broken, such is my naivete on such issues. It turns out our condo had been broken into, and her laptop stolen. No-one was hurt, nothing but the computer was taken, and there is very little damage, save for some crowbar mess to the back door. It's the knowing that someone was in your house that is the worst.
Penny is still feeling the fear, choosing to blow up the air mattress and sleep downstairs. My fear vanished the moment I got home and saw that she was safe. Mine is now a full bore anger, a rage that has built up as I had to take the day off work (losing much needed money in the process), to spend my time setting up burglar alarm installation, as well as cruising the local pawn shops to see if the laptop had dropped yet. It would appear that out county has strict pawn laws in place, and the chances of it showing up are slim to none. More likely, the computer has been traded for drugs.
It also irks me that I don't have the funds to replace the loss for my wife. Insurance is no use as we don't have the serial # for the laptop.....who thinks about recording that shit until after the fact?
The good out of all of this is that we will get smarter and more vigilant. We will take photos of our stuff, record the numbers and put them somewhere safe, and have our home protected by an alarm system. A $350 laptop is a small price to pay for a little education I guess, but it still doesn't make the learning experience a pleasant one.


Paul said...

Sorry to hear that this happened to both of you John. I guess it's a learning experience but still scary none the less.

I hope it all works out and you get a replacement for your wife soon.

All the best Paul.

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