Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yahoo's Top 10 Searches, Dec 21st, 2010

Today's Top Headline - Al Qaeda mulled poisoning food in the US
1. Lindsay Lohan - Everyone's favorite redhead is back in the news after being accused of assaulting a staff member at the Betty Ford Clinic. Lindsay must be housed in the Naomi Campbell wing of the clinic.

2. Bill Cowher - The former Steelers coach is ready to get back to work and has listed Miami, Houston and New York as places he would like to work. Houston seems like the perfect fit given the size of Cowher's chin. Isn't everything bigger in Texas?

3. Paper Checks - Social Security checks will be going paperless this coming May. From now on, recipients will have their checks lost in the e-mail.

4. Julianne Hough - The "Dancing With The Stars" pro toe-tapper has once again denied claims that she is engaged to Ryan Seacrest, which, once again, makes me pose the question; why would Seacrest be engaged to a woman?

5. Paula Deen - The Southern belle chef is distraught after discovering that her housekeeper was also a professional jewelery thief. Explains why her beef medallions kept going missing.

6. Keri Hilson - The singer is set to release her second album called, "Pretty Girl Rock". The album title was adopted after it was dropped by Amy Winehouse in favor of, "Girl Smoking Rock".

7. Amelia Earhart - It appears that bone fragments found on an island in the South Pacific may belong to the long lost aviator. Scientist believe the body may have been eaten by crabs, a fate that may be awaiting Bret Michaels.

8. Broadband Internet - Net neutrality is coming, meaning you current provider will be unable to block or discriminate against content from their competitors. Maybe it's the blocking of those rivals that causes my Charter connection to go out for days at a time every week.

9. Pet Food Recall - Grocery giant, Kroger is recalling pet food in 20 states after finding aflatoxin mixed in the food. The chemical causes lethargy and bloody diarrhea, much like how I get after a night drinking Crown Royal.

10. Zara Phillips - Another Royal wedding is on the cards as the Queen's granddaughter is set to wed her beau, Mike Tindall. Zara ranks way down on the Royal food chain, so don't expect the proceeding to be as lavish as Prince William's. In fact, the besotted couple have already booked The Olive Garden for their reception.

Once again no mention of today's top headline, but we did get jewel thieves and bloody diarrhea.....good enough.


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