Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yahoo's Top 10 Searches, Dec 4th, 2010

 I used to do this every day, but have been idle for quite some time. Had a hard time getting this one out. Gotta shake out the cobwebs. Check back daily for a new one.

Today's Top Headline - Two Die, 48 Hurt In Emergency Landing

1. Helen Mirren - The veteran actress has accused Hollwood of being ageist and sexist, stating that there are simply not enough roles for older women. Hollywood responded by ousting Miley Cyrus and giving Mirren the starring role in the next Hannah Montana movie.

2. Kate Bosworth - The actress has spoken of how she was battered and bruised after filming her latest movie, "The Warrior's Way". I didn't realize Chris Brown was her co-star.

3. Robert DeNiro - In something of a surprise move, DeNiro will be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. The acting legend has already shown his comedy chops in movies like, "Meet The Parents", "Analyze This", and "Frankenstein".

4. Mobile Phones - Charles Manson was just one of many California prisoners that had mobile phones hidden in their lock-ups. Wonder if that's where the name cell phones came from.

5. Kurtis Blow - The old school rapper was busted at LAX for having marijuana in his possession. Is it really surprising that someone with the last name BLOW would have drugs on them?

6. Tiger Woods - The embattled golfer has raced into the front with a 4 stroke lead in his latest tournament. This would be his first win of the year and also the first time in recent memory he has hit this many holes without having to shell out hush money.

7. Diddy-Dirty Money - Sean "Diddy" Combs latest musical project will make their TV debut on SNL tonight. Just one more reason not to watch.

8. Profile Pictures - Facebook is rife with cartoon characters as folks change their profile pics to their favorite animated pals in support of stopping child abuse. Next up, change your profile pic to maked shot of helen Mirren to stop ageism and sexism in Hollywood.

9. Invisible Braces - Align your jacked up teeth with the invisible alternative to traditional braces. They will also not set off the alarms at airport metal detectors, reducing the risk of a cavity search. Sounds like a win win to me.

10. X-37B Spaceplane - The Air Force's top secret unmanned spaceplane completed its successful first mission. The project is so top secret, it made it into the top 10 Yahoo searches.


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