Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 Complete

1 down, 364 to go. Got over the first hurdle, and wrote my top 10 for the day. It surprisingly came pretty easy, and hopefully it will continue to do so for the remainder of the year. My goal is just to do this book, and see it to completion. I really don't give a rats ass if it sells a single copy, it's more about seeing a writing project through to the end. My initial idea was to put up some of my favorites for the week here, but I think I will pick 1 or 2 daily, just so you can all follow my progress. The one's I post will be those that generally make me giggle a little.....I know it seems a little conceited to laugh at your own shit, but sometimes I'm the only one laughing, so I have to. Anywho, here are my faves from today.

3. Zombie Satellite - The Galaxy 15 satellite has reset and returned to life after being knocked out by a solar flare. It is now transmitting a single message, over and over, “Brains, braaaaaiiiiiiins”.

7. 2011 Horoscope – People want to know what the new year will bring, and are prepared to look to the stars for advice. Your Mercury is rising and you have an extra 20lbs on Uranus.


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