Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 3rd Top 10 Highlights.

Not really sure whether or not these should be classified as highlights or not. God only knows if anyone, besides me, even gets the slightest glimmer of a giggle out of these. Hopefully they do, as this daily teasing is all a ploy to get you all to buy my book, "What's Trending Now? - A Year Of Yahoo Searches", when I self publish that bad boy in 2012 (I really hope the world doesn't come to an end that year, although it would be just my luck).

3. Shaun King – The former Buccaneers QB was arrested on charges of drunk driving last night. Luckily for passing pedestrians, he was unable to hit any of them, even though they were wide open

9. Healthcare – Congress returns to work on Wednesday, and number one on their hot list is sure to be healthcare reform. Number two will be how much their raises should amount to this year. Hopefully enough to pay for their private health needs.


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