Saturday, January 1, 2011

Small Victories

Happy New Year!!

2011 arrived in Georgia on the back of a gray, wet, and dreary day. The warm rain is a bit of a welcome break from the real cold snap we have been suffering through these past couple of weeks. The previous year ended poorly with our condo broken into and the theft of Penny's laptop, so we are really looking for this year to take a bit of an upturn.

So far, so good. December saw a total of 1,048 visitors to this humble little blog. That is roughly 1,047 more than I expected. Looking to hit 2,000 this month and hopefully a steady, gradual climb in popularity. I am really enjoying writing here and will be looking to add more of my, "real writing" in the coming weeks, rather than just my personal bullshit. Secondly, I have been trying, in vain, to get the desktop internet ready so that Penny can save her Farmville crops from a withering death. Windows Vista had other ideas though, and refused to let me install Service pack 1, essential for the new router to do its job. Paul over at Daily Shite offered his expertise, but by a miracle of some unknown sort, the service pack loaded and Pen is now hoeing and harvesting to her hearts content.

2 small little starts to the year, but positive ones that will hopefully be the catalyst for a good 2011. Wishing you all the same.


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