Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some "real" writing

This was a little piece I did for a writing challenge. The challenge was to do a short fiction piece about the last tree in the world. The last line of this bit is from, "Final Destination", and it was from those words that the story was born.

Here I stand, the last remaining reminder of Mother Natures glorious splendor, a solitary sentinel on guard against an ashen enemy that tore my world asunder the day the sun burnt out in a hail of cleansing fire.
A layer of grit and grime covered the corpses of my fallen friends, but did little to mask the death throes and muffled screams as they left the land of the living canopy.
I am aware that I am dying, the sum of my parts, one by one, breaking apart. Branches droop in grim surrender, a bark that has lost it's bite and given way to sap filled tears, and roots that have relinquished the need to hold me upright.
And as I fall the ashes flee from my weary frame and spots of brilliant color, greens and reds and orange, flash before my foliage face, and bring me to my final realization; that we are never more alive than in the moment before we die.


Andy said...

I just re read my version of this one a few days ago. I miss these things, oh hell I miss writing in general.

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