Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where's The Perspective

Last week at work proved to be one of major upheaval. It would seem that the stormy economic climate has finally hit Avon, and it was announced that 2nd shift operations would be ceased as of Jan 28th, and that we will be going to a 4 day week, 10 hours per day. All Avon employees are safe, and all but 20-30 of the temp workers were laid off. You want to talk about dodging a bullet? I was a temp there for 3 years before finally getting a permanent spot in early October.

For the announcement we were split into separate rooms at opposite ends of the warehouse where, by all accounts, the mood inside was pretty similar. I listened to the announcement with major belly butterflies, realizing the full luck of my situation, but then it turned weird as people started complaining about the new hours and how they might lose two hours a couple of times a week due to vacations etc. I couldn't believe that was their concern when, just up the warehouse a ways, people were losing all their hours......PERMANENTLY!!

Perhaps it's because I am just recently removed from the ranks of tempdom that I can feel some of the pain and anger my fellow employees must be feeling. It's hard to go in there every day for a lot less pay, not to mention no paid vacation, no sick days and very little hope of ever getting a permanent spot until you put a ton of time in.

Instead of complaining about the new hours or where I might or might not end up working, and in what capacity, I will take this time to be thankful that I still have a job in this shitty economic downturn, and will continue to work hard to maintain that position and the company's faith in me.


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