Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Wild Imagination

As far back as I can remember, a lot of years given my advancing years, I have always had something of a big imagination. I can clearly recall a whole host of stories I wrote as a kid. Tales of dinosaurs and childhood soccer players discovered and turned into mega-stars. That imagination has served me well over the years, but there have been times when it has been more of a curse than a blessing.

I remember many a Friday night, scrunched up on the couch beside my Mum as we watched double features of the old classic horror movies. In the light of day my mind would turn me into Van Helsing, the famous vampire hunter, but at night that self same imagination would transform me fron hunter to hunted. That sort of thought process has followed throughout my life, serving me well in the story writing department, yet torturing me a little as I take the smallest details and follow them through to the worst possible end, without any chance of the worst ever really happening.

Last night may have been the pinnacle of my imaginary horrors. We were all tucked up in bed when the noises started. It was the usual sounds of our home settling, combined with the noised from outside where our neighbors were working on their car. All of it added up to me believing that someone was in our house....AGAIN!! I realize the chances of being hit, back to back, that quickly are slim, but it doesn't stop you feeling it's gonna happen anyways.

And so it was off to the couch until after 3 in the morning, no sleep at all. I would have stayed all night if it were not for Penny, my eternal voice of reason, coming downstairs and coaxing me back to bed. I'm sure it will be the same story for the next 2 nights until we get our alarm system. It's not a pleasant time but, who knows, maybe my imagination can turn this whole thing into a creepy little story.


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