Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eyes Of Sleep Possible Line-Up

Been sifting through my short stories all morning and trying to decide which to update and add to the book. Think I have it down, now comes the difficult re-writes. Her is the list with a short description.

1. The Tweener - kid has a run in with an escaped mental patient (almost all the details in this story are personal snippets from my childhood)
2. Echoes - A twisted little love story that had a finish, but no real beginning. Major re-write coming with a whole new section added to the start. In my head, just trying to get out today.
3. Film At 11 - An, as yet, unwritten piece that Penny is very excited about. have all the details ironed out in my head, should be a quick write.
4. Fossil Fuels - A zombie piece that I will be updating by adding elements from another short, Hallowed Ground.
5. Long Pig - A weird little fishing boat tale that came while watching an episode of, The Deadliest Catch.
6. Seeds For The Needy - Will be switching this up a bit to make it look more like a journal entry type of a deal. Story of a dude who kills women that cannot.....well, that would be telling....shhhhhh!!
7. Mary In The Square - Another unwritten piece that is also in my head, completed (I have a weird style of writing. It has to be all finished in my noggin before getting onto paper/screen). Inspired by a stormy night in Savannah with Penny (she still has all my scribbled notes).
8. Crash And Burn - Despite being a confirmed atheist I am fascinated with the whole good/evil, God/Devil thing and this story reflects that.
9. The Marble Men - I have 4 or 5 shorts with these characters that I am going to try and piece together into a coherent single.
10. Please Be Kind, Rewind - One of the first things I wrote, many years ago. A slight nod to Dorian Gray, but one that has to be updated to the DVD/Blu-ray age.
11. Roadside Attraction - An absolutely disgusting piece of gorefest nonsense that I have yet to write, but one that refuses to get out of my head despite its total absurdity.
12. The Artist - A very visual piece that was hard to write, yet is one that I love (the idea at least). The story of a make-up artist to the dead who has a strange encounter with one of his clients.
13. The Shorts - I am thinking of having a section of flash type fiction that will include stories that I think are just fine the way they are, including Inked : A Tattooed Tale, Sometimes I Ask For Death, and A Love Eternal. Perhaps a couple more with slight re-writes.
14. The Dress - This and The Tweener are perhaps the best things I have written, hence the decision to bookend the collection with them.

Enough chatter, time to get to work.


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