Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye To A Friend

I've never been one to get emotionally attached to anything or anyone, save for a precious few that I trust implicitly. So imagine my surprise this week when my dog passed away and I became a bit of an emotional wreck.

Zoe was a great little dog who was a loving little bugger, and one that required a modicum of looking after. Food, water and the odd belly rub was enough to keep her happy. She didn't get nearly enough of the latter as our work hours meant that she spent a lot of time alone and in her bed, not ideal circumstances for anyone, particularly an animal that likes the outdoors. Her last week was a good one I think as she got to hang out and get attention from my sister and brother-in-law who were here to visit.

We have created a little remembrance area in the corner where her bed was, a small little reminder of her presence that is sorely missed at the moment. We will all move on, but will always remember Zoe fondly even if another little furry friend should enter our home in the future.


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