Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Great Day

Saturday's are always the best day of the week, whether it's hanging out with the kids or Penny and me touring around trying to find a new, fun spot. Today was an especially good one. It started with a pretty great brunch at the Wild Wing Cafe. I know it's not particularly cool to knock back beer at 11.15 am, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. From there we headed to the animal shelter to check out a little dachshund mix we has seen on their website. That particular little fellow had already been taken, but we saw another dog, a border collie mix, that we thought was very cute. 5 minutes with her in the bonding room made for an easy decision.
While I was filling out the paperwork for Suzie Q, Penny headed out to get some cash from the ATM. She came back saying that she had saw a place we should check out. So, off we went to a cool little spot called The Flying Machine, a little bar and grill located right beside the runway of our municipal airport. It was a beautiful day and we parked on the patio for a couple brews and a very good burger.

Not quite ready to go home, we turned right instead of left and hit the highway towards Athens, GA. This was a nice little moment for Penny, a diehard Georgia Bulldog football fan. She had never been to the home of the Dawgs, check one off the to do list. We drove around rather aimlessly before landing in The Blind Pig Tavern for chili and a beer. After that it was home sweet home, ending a really great Saturday.


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