Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays With Tylenol

Friday's always begin with the promise of something wonderful, given that they are the gateway to the weekend. Last Friday held more promise than most for a number of reasons. Family in from out of town, kids over for the weekend, wife off Fri.-Mon., and the Super Bowl featuring my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Friday night went well, a lovely dinner with family, then Saturday came and we all settled in to watch "Up" on Blu-Ray as I started to notice a little tickle in my throat, eerily similar to the one my son described having all the previous week. Sunday came with a headache and coughing jag to start the day. My sister and brother-in-law left to catch their flight home and my kids headed back to their mom's house. The coughing started to ramp up somewhat with the pain spreading from the throat to my stomach and lower back.......not good.

The initial plan was to stay home and watch the game, but waiting always makes me fidgety, so off we went to our local bar where I struggled to knock back a couple of beers. We then moved on to our final spot (another local bar) to watch the game, where I once again struggled to drink or eat. In a fit of what many might see as madness I told my wife that I would drive so that she could keep on keeping on with the booze. By the end of the game, my disappointment at the loss was being overshadowed by my need to hug a toilet and/or find some way to relieve the pain in my lower back.

Due to start work at 5.30 am on Monday, I crawled into bed right away, shivering frantically from some unseen icy blast that seemed to be pelting me and no-one else. It was a sleepless night, interrupted by wracking coughs and bouts of projectile vomiting, with a smattering of marching bands going through my skull playing speed metal. Nonetheless I made it through the night and was up in time for work. Getting off the couch to go was another thing, but I had to. Nobody would believe I was sick, they would all just think I was hungover and so I thought to myself, "I'll show them", which I did for 57 minutes before heading back home again to the safety of my bed.

Today is more of the same, a cruel mix of coughing, pain and discomfort, all of which can be soothed for a couple of hours at a time by the miracle that is Extra Strength Tylenol. I am positive that I have exceeded the daily dosage levels and that I am headed for a future of liver failure and shitting out my own stomach lining, but it all seems worth it for a few moments of pain free bliss. Tomorrow will be better, I hope, and thankfully I have Tuesdays as my off day from work. As I finish up this piece I can feel the effects of the Tylenol wearing off and so will bid you all adieu as I go to chase the dragon once more.


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