Monday, March 21, 2011

Loving The NOOKie

Step 5 feet in any direction inside our house and you will, more than likely, trip over a book or two. Both Penny and I are avid readers, but Penny tends to focus on one book at a time (like most normal folks), whereas I usually have 5 or 6 on the go at any given moment. You can only imagine my euphoria when e-readers hit the market. 8000 books stored on one gadget seemed like just the thing for me, the price, alas, did not.

Like most new toys, prices dropped quickly and I set my sights on a Kindle, but that quickly changed when Barnes and Noble introduced the NOOK Color. I imagined reading the latest issue of National Geographic with nothing but a flick of the finger to turn the virtual pages. I waxed poetic about the NOOK, so much so that Penny was forced to return the Kindle she had bought me for Christmas. (I have talked that incident and my shame in a previous post).

Fast forward a few months, and one unexpected check later, and here I sit with my brand new NOOK Color, and yes folks it is as good as I imagined. I set up a Nat Geo subscription as well as one for a food magazine called, Saveur for Penny. I also bought my first book last night and plugged in my speaker to listen to the Pandora app that comes pre-installed. I am in literary heaven, an LED lit Utopia.

And so it's off to explore some more, read a little, and maybe a crossword puzzle....I sense finger cramp in my future.


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