Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Week In Review

This week - Nooks, sleepovers, illness, and Twitter addiction

Tuesdays have become my least anticipated day of the week. This may seem odd to a lot of folks given that it is a work free day, but it's also the longest work day for my wife which means that I am given way too much free time on my own. I have decided that Tuesdays will now become writing day, a time where I will work on fiction and post a weekly round-up, interesting to no-one but myself, on these very pages. So here is some of the shit that went down last week......

Finally got myself a NOOK Color, courtesy of a $330 check from my mortgage company for an escrow overpayment on my part. I love that thing, but am being careful to limit my time on it as I tend to get obsessive with such things. case in point would be the Twitter addiction I have developed this week. I pore over the stats for this site every day (see what I mean about obsessive?), trying to find which posts work, which don't, and where all the traffic come from (it's a rather short study to be honest). I noticed that not a single hit comes via Twitter even though I tweet everything I write. I am now there far too often, trying to crack the code that will drive thousands of fervent followers to my magnificent musings. All the hard work paid off on Saturday when I received 1 clickthru from Twitter.....victory, it would seem, is mine.

By Thursday, the pollen count here in the Metro Atlanta area had hit astronomical proportions, and my nose and throat protested that high number by closing shut for the foreseeable future. I attempted to battle my allergy symptoms by knocking back a couple of nighttime allergy pills, but ended up being knocked unconscious by whatever potent concoction they mix into those things. Have you ever seen those nature shows where the hunters bag a rhino by shooting it with trank darts? The rhino will continue charging for a moment before buckling under the weight of the tranquilizers powers....that was me trying to get upstairs to bed, a mere 10 minutes after taking them.

The weekend was out turn to have my kids over, and it also marked the 5 day countdown to my daughters 13th (GULP!!) birthday. She asked if she could have a friend over for the night and we agreed. I am always amazed at how well my little girl chooses friends. They are all generally polite, smart, and not at all annoying, not a common combination these days. It really does say a lot about the character of my daughter, who makes me proud on a daily basis. By Sunday though, the poor wee thing had come down with a case of strep throat, but is on the mend now.

Sunday also marked a momentous occasion for my son and I. Finally our big day had arrived, the Scotland vs Brazil soccer friendly, and the opportunity for father/son bonding as we watch our country get slaughtered by the best team in the world. Another small victory for yours truly as I managed to avoid alcohol for the duration of the game, despite the hammering.

A 12 hour work shift yesterday, that damned allergy/cold thing still hanging on, and here we are at the end of another week. Tune in next Tuesday for another round of stunning monotony.


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