Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark Red Book Cover

Despite the horrendous showing of my first 2 efforts on, I am plowing ahead and writing another short to stick up there. To date, The Tweener has garnered 19 downloads (it's free, so that may account for the gaudy number...LOL). Behind These Eyes Of Sleep has achieved 1 sale and 5 sample downloads. Basically, what that means is that 4 people read the sample and deemed the rest of the work unworthy.....not a great turnover rate.

Anyways, my next little blurb will be a rather nasty, psychological take on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. I can't imagine that any little girl that was privy to a wolf attack on a loved one would turn out completely well adjusted in adulthood....I am promising blood and mental torment as selling points (even though it will be free) on this one. Here is the working cover, with some work to be done on the text.....I was fairly adept at Photoshop, but can't find my disk, so am stuck using Paint for now, and struggling with layers at the you go


Andy said...

This is awesome. I will really need to take the time to look into Smashwords now. What sucks is I have not been doing any new writing at all lately. Love that cover though.

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