Sunday, April 17, 2011

Failure IS An Option

Art, in all its numerous forms, is the personification of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. The sad fact is that even the most successful of artists will still find that more people than not don't care for their work. With that said, it's easy to understand why so many fail to achieve their goals and dreams, giving up before their careers really get going. It can be argued that perseverance is the key to success, honing your craft while ignoring the naysayers. There is proof that such a path actually works, and a great example of such can be found here

My "writing career" hasn't suffered many setbacks, if only for the fact that I have seldom submitted anything I write for possible publication. I am currently 1 for 2, having received a horribly disheartening rejection letter years ago, when, admittedly upon reflection, the piece I submitted deserved the shellacking it received. My second attempt came over a decade later and, much to my surprise, I had a short story accepted for publication in an obscure, now defunct, Canadian magazine. Shortly after that, I had another piece published in an anthology of pieces by undiscovered writers, but I refuse to count that as the book was put together by writers I knew from a writers group I was part of....rejection there wasn't really on the cards.

For me, the plan is to continue writing and not linger too long on failure or success. When I read back through the years I can plainly hear how my voice has changed for the better, developing a timbre and maturity sadly lacking in my early attempts. Perhaps by the time I hit my golden years, I will be ready to unleash my superior writing skills upon an eager audience. Until then, I'll just keep on keeping on.

Here is another great look at how a fellow writer finds the time to hit the keys, on top of managing their family time


ladaisi said...

Thanks for sharing this! Great post. I agree with your writing philosophy - just keep writing! For those of us who love it, we can't help but do just that.

- Lauren of ladaisi blog

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