Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fire Face

Another really good Saturday for my wife Penny and I. We started out with a matinee showing of, Insidious. We had seen the trailer for this a few weeks back and I was somewhat giddy with anticipation. It features a writer/director combo that really fills me with hope. Whannell and Wan have hit home runs, at least for me, with the original Saw and Dead Silence. They are now batting 1000, read my review at viewpoints. The movie contains some moments that make you feel very small as a horror writer, a feeling further amplified by my meager 1 short story sale over at Smashwords.

From there we decided to pop a couple of beers at a little bar close to Lake Lanier, but on the way got sidetracked when we spotted a bar that we had never seen before. Nice spot, good food. Another beer stop and then home.

The only downside is that I contributed to Penny being unable to complete her food challenge this week. This will most likely result in my having to write a formal apology on her blog. This is a task that I will not only enjoy, but one that I welcome if it means that I got to spend some quality time with the woman I love.....with that said though, she is not off the hook for her challenge, next Friday is beer batter day.


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