Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flash Fiction Release

During a rather quiet moment at work today, I got to thinking (usually a dangerous thing) about how I should proceed with the release of my book of shorts. As the re-writes and touch-ups have been slow to the point of excruciating, I have decided to take all my short, shorts and put them in a compilation with the same working title as I had planned for the other: "Behind These Eyes Of Sleep".

There is a fair amount of stray little oddities that I like, but that I don't see any way of expanding into something longer or more meaningful. With that in mind, In have decided to devote this coming Sunday to putting it all together and having it up on Smashwords ( ) by late afternoon, early evening. Here is a peek at the cover, plus a sample of one of my flash bits.

Aftermath Of The Boogeyman

The jack o' lantern sits on the front step, the candle inside bringing life to his shit eating grin. It's apparent that he's oblivious to the horrors that have taken place inside the house he guards.

A group of children in colorful costumes sit on the porch, comforted by police officers. Their lives were spared but in the years to come many of them will wish they had died that night, so that they could be saved from the night terrors and daytime visions that have haunted them ever since. A group of them are in shocked silence, a couple more are sobbing, but the ones that can talk all tell the same story.
The story of a man dressed in a long black robe, face hidden by the cloth, who appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and started slicing up the parents. They tell of how large he was, and strong, slight variations on his appearance, but they all described his killing tool in perfect detail. A long wooden handle, carved with strange symbols and only one recognizable word, "REAPER". A curved blade so sharp, they say, that it removed limbs and heads with a single swipe.
Inside the house, blood drips from the ceiling, body parts are scattered across the floor and a large piece of intestine is draped across one wall, the lights from the police cars casting their red, white and blue glow across it, a bunting made of gore. The floor is a sea of red, yet no tracks are visible, no sign that anyone had been here to create this scene.
The children are sent home, one by one, and the police work through the night. As the first rays of sunlight touches the house all seems calm as everyone is gone. The only sign of the previous nights activity is yellow police tape around the house. People driving by will probably believe it's a cheap Halloween decoration, unaware of the horror until they see the nightly news and recognize the house.
A small gust of wind snuffs the candle inside the lantern and his grin seems less menacing now. It's as if he's finally realized what has happened and that he is now alone...alone, except for the dark-robed figure peering in the neighbors window.


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