Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News And Reviews

Those of you who are regular visitors to these pages may have noticed a subtle style shift in my last couple of posts. Let me explain. I love the whole blogging idea, but the hardest part is finding something to write about on a daily or semi-daily basis. It may be simple enough if you have a niche blog, but for someone like me, an ordinary lad that likes to waffle on about nothing in particular, it can become frustrating.

I may just have found my lifeline at a website called seededbuzz. The gist of the site is that bloggers set up a discussion based on one of their posts (planting a seed), and other bloggers write their take on the discussion (buzz) on their own site, referencing your blurb in their post, in other words, making your post go viral. It looks like a winner to me, and you guys can help by clicking the links to the other blogs within my posts...thanks.

That's the news part, now for the review. I have received the first feedback on my latest book, "Behind Theses Eyes Of Sleep", and it's a doozie. Here is what it says.....

"Be Prepared to be Scared!

That's what you might think after reading John Watson's 29 tales of horror, terror, and things that do not necessarily go bump in the night. Watson taps into a vein of fear and horror which might have you sleeping with the lights on for a while. If the Bogeyman were a writer, the stories in this collection just might very well be the kind of ones he would write.

Bravo Mr. Watson for giving me a good scare and a good read."

The best part, for me at least, is that it comes from a writer, Jeffrey Miller, whom I very much respect. I actually just finished his childhood memoir, "Invaders From Mars", and it was fantastic. Thank you Jeffrey fro the very kind words.


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