Sunday, April 10, 2011

Patience Grasshopper

Finally, after all these years, I finished something I set out to do. On time, no less.My book of short, flash fiction is prepped, formatted and now in the queue to be converted for distribution at Smashwords. It has been 3 hours now and I have moved 500+ places up the list, but am still 222 spot out of conversion. That is where the real terror comes in, as you pray to all that is holy that you have formatted correctly, meaning you don't get sent back to the end of the line, do not pass go, do not collect $200.....patience.

Until I can actually post the link to buy ($1.99 for 29 stories.....over 14,000 words dammit), I will have to settle for letting you all in on the titles that made it in.

1. Inked - A Tattooed Tale
2. Dark Confessions
3. Skin Dancer
4. The Sweet Spot
6. An Alien Cure
7. Aftermath Of The Boogeyman
8. Groundhog Day Grind
9. The Dress
10. A Constant Echo
11. A Watery Grave
12. Wine And Dine
13. The Artist
14. A Fate Worse Than Death
15. A New Kind Of Feeling
16. Morsels
17. Through Innocent Eyes
18. Hallowed Ground
19. Bored To Death
20. Look Back In Anger
21. Crash And Burn
22. It's In The Blood
23. Fossil Fuels
24. Please Be Kind....Rewind
25. A Perfect Evening
26. Seeds For The Needy
27. Sometimes I Ask For Death
28. Long Pig
29. I.M.

There you have it. I will post the link for the book as soon as it is sitting at #182.....patience.


Andy said...

I am trying to remember if I have read all of them or not, not that it will stop me from buying it, when we actually have money in the bank again. *silently prays that nothing bounces and that the math was correct* As I said in FB though I think that this Smashwords thing could be good for me. I wonder if I could send out my Damien story in pieces and sell it that way. As well as re collect my Poetry etc. and go from there. So many Possibilities...

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