Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reading And Writing

I have been told, on more than one occasion, that in order to write well, you must read a lot.I can see why people would feel that way, especially if you stick to the genre that you write in. The main problem, for me at least, with that whole idea is that it becomes easy to be influenced in a negative way by the writer's you enjoy. Seeing what works for them may very well lead you down the path of trying to hard to emulate that style, all the while losing your own distinct writing voice.

I have read thousands of books over the years, but don't feel it has made me any better as a writer. If that were the case, I would be a major success by now, or at the very least someone who is widely published. For me, writing often is the best way to sharpen my skills. I do that by blogging regularly, scribbling down small ideas with an eye to expanding later, and just basically trying to write a little every day.

Reading will always be a major part of my life, and now that I have my NOOK, it will also be easier to jump between books (something I have always done), but I will always try to not let those other, far more successful authors, change who I am as a writer.

This may not work for everyone, and some will claim that taking the time to read will help them be better in the long run. This point is very well made in a recent blog post by Amy Romine, who is trying to balance the time spent between writing and reading authors that inspire here. I encourage those of you who are looking for that same thing to read her article by clicking here http://www.amyromine.com/archives/2603


Clare and Gary said...

I love my Nook too...and the fact that I can read it at night without the light on.. its my secret vice!

Amy J Romine said...

Very well stated! thanks for the nod. :0)

Amy R

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