Monday, April 11, 2011

A Taste For Blood

I just read an interesting article over at Stefanie Soehnchen's blog about a German man who goes under the name, Anubis, and claims to be a real vampire. By all accounts, this fellow lives his life as a bloodsucker and drinks the crimson liquid at several blood clubs that are dotted around the country. Of course, there is no biting or actual sucking involved, but the "vampires" can choose their drinks from willing donors, and sup it up while it is still warm.

Listen, I am obsessed with the supernatural, as well as counter-culture types, but this just seems to me to be a bunch of emo, goth, Eurotrash types trying to be somehow cool and trendy. Let's face it, with the current book and movie trend slanting towards the glorification of these ancient, fanged creatures of the night, it does seem like a decent way to become a bit of a hit with the ladies.

These types of trends are cyclical though, always have been, and soon enough zombies, or some other horror icon will become de rigeur, meaning the nightcrawler types will have to lose the capes and filed down teeth, and start peeling off skin and popping in milky white contact lenses. Me, I'll stick to having horror images featuring all the old faves tattooed on my arms. Anyways, I much prefer a nice warm pint of Guinness over a hot copper bodyshot.

That's just my 2 cents, if you want another opinion, take a peek at Amy Romine's feelings about vampires.


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