Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Week In Review 4/5/11

Including : birthdays, storms, movies, cheesy rock bands

The week started off nicely with my daughter turning 13. It's something of a shock for us both as I can still remember the days when she would mouth off at me in baby talk. She is a girl of fairly simple needs and was happy with the Tangled DVD, an IHOP visit, and a book from Barnes and Noble. She is smart enough to realize the limitations of her father's wallet.

Wednesday saw a downturn as I was forced to stay at work until 8pm, with a 5.30am next day start adding to the agony. With my mood blacker than the clouds overhead, i stomped home only to find that our TV had been destroyed in the previous nights lightning show. Everything else attached to the surge protector was A-Ok, but not the TV.

The kids are in for a bit of a shock on their next visit here as the TV in their room has been moved downstairs so that I can keep up with Dancing With The Stars (did I just say that out loud?). It's not a great situation though, as the color doesn't seem to want to jive with my DVR, meaning that everything is tinged blue, making the shows look like they were produced in the jolly, happy world of smurf land.

With the kids gone for spring break, Penny and I were left to our own devices, which usually means bar-hopping. Friday night we went to see a Journey tribute band called Departure. They were surprisingly very good, perhaps it was the Sam Adamd Noble Pils on special that raised my spirits to the point where I could appreciate a bunch of fortysomethings prancing around in 80's garb.......wait, that kinda describes me too. Saturday was a movie and another few beers, something I spoke about in an earlier post.

Sunday was great once Pen got home from work. She does a blog where she accepts my food challenges (she is a chef) and tries to make a meal out of something I hate. This week she made a beer battered fish and chips that almost made me openly weep, it was that good. I'm not a fan of seafood, but i choked down enough of that fish that by the end of the night I was clapping my hands and balancing a beach ball on my nose.

Another very good week, with a couple of minor hiccups, which leaves me hoping for more of the same as the new one begins.


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