Saturday, May 28, 2011

100th Post

What a big day this is turning out to be. It's the European Cup Final (I refuse to call it by it's new name), featuring Manchester United and Barcelona, and now I have just noticed that this will represent a century of useless posts on this blog. How to celebrate such a momentous occasion? By begging for more help of course.

I have 2 requests today. The first is to ask you all to help promote my posts a viewshound (a new site I have started writing for). You can find my stuff by clicking here

The second comes with a prize (woohoo). Download my short story, The Tweener (it's free) and leave a review. The best review (good or bad, be honest) will receive a copy of my collection of shorts, Behind These Eyes Of Sleep. Of course, if you think the short sucked, you may not want that prize.....oops. You can download the short by clicking here.

Thank you all who take the time to read the stuff I post here, looking forward to posting the next 100.


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