Monday, May 23, 2011

Around The World In 80 Beers - Friday

The famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, once said, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley." Simply put, it means that no matter how well we plan things out, they seldom go as we wished them to. On occasion though, plan B often ends up way better than what we had set out to do in the first place. Such was the case this weekend when Penny and I had decided to take in the Atlanta Silverbacks pro soccer game on Friday night. Much to our dismay, the game was cancelled, but a better plan formed over a couple of beers at our local. We decided to head to our favorite metro Atlanta spot, Decatur, grab a hotel for the night, and hit the great little bar scene that thrives down is how it went, with links to the hotspots.

Raging Burrito - We started out in their awesome little garden patio. A cozy, dimly lit spot with a fantastic beer collection. We had a couple of brews and split a quesadilla, which Penny managed to mispronounce twice in classic Napoleon Dynamite style.

Mac Mcgee - Our favorite bar in Decatur, or so we thought. I switched to Kilkenny, a deliciously creamy Irish beer, and Penny moved on to Weinstepahner, a heffe, cloudier than a Scottish winter day. Tiredness hit me hard there (rough day at work), and I got quickly pantsed (shitfaced).That did not stop us from another, 2am pub stop.

The Brick Store Pub - Probably the most pretentious spot in town, but the beer selection is unequaled, especially in their upstairs Belgian bar. We sat outside, Penny enjoying the Georgia warmth, me working on my moon tan. I ordered an absolutely unpronounceable Belgian craft beer, but in truth, just saying Bud Light would have been a challenge at this point.

From there we jumped a cab for the 2 block ride home. As I had mentioned earlier, I had a long, hard day at work in a stiflingly hot environment which had left me somewhat chaffed in a few rather precious spots. I could have walked, but would have just ended up looking like a duck with rickets, as well as adding to the tenderness.

Saturdays events coming up shortly.


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