Monday, May 23, 2011

Around The World In 80 Beers - Saturday

Saturday heralded in another scorching Georgia day, and we welcomed the sunshine by getting up at the crack of 11. It was a quick clean up as we were keen to get our drink on before the 6PM apocalypse. First stop though was a cool little diner for breakfast. I hammered back more pig than is good for the heart, washing it down with a vat of coffee and some french toast. As we left, Penny could not stop staring at the delicious looking cakes they had on display, a fascination that almost sent her toppling of the little step of the exit.

Taco Mac - Our first stop of the day after an energy sapping 30 second walk up main street. We did also stop at a chef equipment store where Penny had a look at some of the high quality knives on display. The high speed slicing and dicing maneuvers just reinforced the fact that I will never stray to the arms of another woman, lest I piss her off. We had a couple of wobbly pops here, an IPA called Widmer Nelson that almost made me weep, so delicious was it's travel down my throat.

The Marlay House - My new favorite place in Decatur. They bill themselves as, "a bit of Dublin in Decatur", and I have to say the description is apt, as that place added a wee bit of color to my Celtic roots. The food was spectacular (risotto balls and sausage rolls), but not enough time to sample all the stuff we wanted. Service great, and the customers were fantastic too. met a great guy from South Africa and we had a real laugh. We decided at this point that a coffee might be in order before we ate, so we hit a little java spot, then a book store (new Anthony Bourdain book for Pen), before deciding on sushi (a major surprise that I agreed).

Cafe Lily - Not the sushi place, but a needed stopping off point as the coffee and beer decided to leave my body from all emergency exits, except my mouth. The duck walk was back in full effect as we searched for a place for me to start evacuation proceedings. Funnily enough, the duck walk was accompanied by my yelling, "AFLAC", or something very similar. We stopped for a drink after I rendered their washrooms uninhabitable. I had a beer and a rye called RI....very nice. Penny opted for some fruity vodka concoction that tasted like Carmen Miranda's hat.

From there we headed to the sushi place, the name of which I can't remember. Service was terrible, food mediocre at best, and the Sapporo premium beer was premium piss. Unwilling to let the weekend end on such a sour note, we stopped of at a place called, the Blue Ribbon Grill. This was the spot where we would hang out when we first started dating. It is also the place where we both realized, at the same time funnily enough, that we were in love. sappy yes, but it still warms me to sit there with my lady. You will notice there is no link to that location, that's because it's ours and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you.

All in all, a great weekend, and one that I don't think either of us will ever forget.


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