Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sixty Seconds - The Umbrella

I love doing this blog, but it has kinda gotten away from what I initially intended. The idea was to have this a place to post story ideas, snippets, and such, but it has become more of a humor blog with rants about boozing and public restrooms. Those will not go away, as they are fun to do, but I also want to get back to my storytelling roots as it were. With that in mind, I am going to start doing some of the creative prompts form the Sixty Second Writer blog . The challenge I am giving myself is to write a piece relevant to the challenge, but to do so without any real thought after my initial idea. I am just going to let my fingers roll and see what comes.....no edits, no tweaking, just pure stream of consciousness writing.....that has always been the style I have used in the past. Without any further rambling, here is today's effort, inspired by this challenge.

Under That Umbrella
The irony hung heavier than the storm clouds that threatened to wash away the assembly of mourners. It appeared to me an act of God's sick humor that the boy should go into the ground in the same sort of weather that had contributed to his death. It could be argued that alcohol played a bigger part than the rain slicked roads, but that is one that will be decided by the courts, rather than the big man upstairs.
The sound of the falling rain acts as a mute button to the cries and wails of the family, but I can still feel their sorrow. It is a force that penetrates to the marrow, tearing at flesh and battering through the makeshift shield of my gaudily colored umbrella, a splash of bright that appears in sharp contrast to the funereal black.
I hang my head and pray, not just for the boy, but for forgiveness for the crime of ending his life.


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