Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

There is nothing like a nice, quiet long weekend,,,,this one has been nothing like it. On the plus side, I have my kids staying over for 5 days, but the negative side is that they have commandeered our TV, inflicting upon us a series of insanely loud kids programming.

It didn't start that way though. We started out with a couple of live soccer games, although my screaming during these events must have been pretty grating to the wee ones. From there we switched to watching a 10 episode marathon of Band Of Brothers. Great stuff, but I went to bed last night believing my ear had been nicked by a piece of flying shrapnel. It was so bad, the gentle swooshing of the page turn son my NOOK, sounded like an incoming tsunami.

Today is the worst, to the point of being unbearable. My daughter has the remote and I have been spoon fed a steady diet of Teen Nicks shows, all of which I have seen (ok, mostly heard) over the past few months. They all seem the same to me, a host of chattering teens who seem to think that comedy involves yelling, screaming, and flailing around like a zombie in a blender. I can hear it all even when I am a vacuuming, and can't take it anymore. All of this despite the fact the kids have a lovely TV in their room, upstairs and away from the delicate ears of their curmudgeonly father. Yet it is I who am forced upstairs with my laptop. Funny thing is, i can't even hear the sound of the keys tapping, instead I am forced to listen to the high pitched ringing in my ears, identical to the sound you get when you lay down and close your eyes after a night of heavy boozing. The room may not be spinning, but the call of beer is now breaking through the din.


Clare and Gary said...

Arrrrgh can not bear those 'teen' shows... they are all the same... my friends daughter is addicted them (she is 7!!!) .. and we have to watch them when she comes around... yack

Jyoti Mishra said...

haha I can relate
few days back 2 kids were there at my place for a night stay and that day was like
OMG these kids are sick

there was not even a single second they were still, all time running, screaming... huff

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