Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breakfast On A Budget

On a day off from work, it would be easy to get up, put the coffee pot on, and pop some bread into the toaster. Easy, but not what the rules of dayoffdom dictate. After a number of 12-14 hour shifts, it's time to let someone else make my breakfast for me, but money is tight, so where to eat?

IHOP is great, but a little on the pricey side for the breakfast budgeted, plus it only stays inside me for about 30 minutes before making a hasty exit (I'll leave the gory details to you imagination). Burger King has been permanently stricken from my list after deciding to eliminate the enormous omelet sandwich from their menu. The was a gloriously meaty grease bomb that came complete with its own defibrillator. McDonalds has enough dollar items to satisfy the money scrimping eater, but getting that means buying an extra hashbrown for my dog, who will sit and stare at me with lustful desire, tongue hanging out, saliva dripping, until she is given her morsel. It's the kind of look you normally only see on the face of a sex-starved man at a free brothel. Krystal's little sunriser sandwiches are yummy and cheap, but their coffee blows, and I MUST have coffee.

let me explain my coffee thing. I love that stuff, need it to get started for the day, but have a penchant for cheap. Dunkin Donuts good, Krispy Kreme, blech. McDonald coffee is fine, but I usually go with a vanilla latte which is a touch too expensive. QT gas station latte, cheap and good, but breakfast items are foul. The best, by far, is Tim Horton's, a Canadian coffee shop chain that make java to die for. Penny and I import it by the ton, and so my decision is made, a compromise if you will. I will start a pot of Timmy's, then head to Krystal's for 4 sunrisers, and a bag of hashbrowns for the dog.....$5, not bad.

As with any budget, there are unforseen incidents that blow it out of the water. Today is a Starbucks meetup with my daughter, which will, more likely than not, order a venti mocha frap, served in a gold encrusted chalice, with a topping of whipped cream made from the milk of a 2 horned narwhal. My venti vanilla latte will bring the total order to around $48. Oh well, at least the dog isn't coming.


Jyoti Mishra said...

breakfast... a day starter !!
enjoyed reading the post.

Cheryl Hart said...

As a fellow gotta-have-my-java freak, I really enjoyed your post. :)

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