Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Character Development

I have been scanning through my previous posts and realized that I don't really do much talking about writing or the process involved. This blog has become an exercise in trying to make my wife have a little giggle or two after a hard day's work, that's how much I love her. I thought I would get away from that, just a little, today, and actually write about how I develop characters. The truth is, I do very little in that department. The story outline always comes first, and the characters just kinda flesh out as I write them.

Procrastination has actually helped me get better at development....let me explain. Every time I finish a story, I always believe, "that's it". I simply cannot imagine that another idea will ever pass through my head again, and that my story making days have officially ended. With that in mind, i always keep a couple of ideas in reserve, never knowing of they will ever get written, just keeping them lock inside my twisted mind....a writer's block insurance policy if you will. In doing so, I have actually built up those stories, as well as the characters within, to a point where they actually might be pretty decent.....let's take a peek.

Edwin Grime, AKA The Grime Reaper....a former military man, broken in mind, who hears demonic voices and acts on the instructions they send his way. An all around nasty piece of work who ultimately comes to believe that killing 4 specifically chosen individuals by air, fire, earth and water, will allow Satan to appear on earth....this one has been percolating for over a decade, and Edwin has actually showed up in an unfinished short called, "Echoes".
The Hood....an updated version of Little Red Riding Hood...wolf killer and sociopath. She has been built up to the point where the story is pretty much done in my head, and the book cover designed. This one will get written, it's just that messed up.
Bonesaw....I've always wanted to do a superhero type story, and Bonesaw, though not really superhero, is my foray into that genre. A gifted surgeon whose family is slaughtered before his eyes, his right hand cut off in the melee. He fuses a bonesaw to the nub and sets out hell bent on revenge. The saw is triggered by anger, wiring that would glow a neon blue, running through his skin, attached to his brain. This will never see the light of day as the amount of research into surgery and brain activity etc. is just a wee bit too much for my lazy ass to handle.
Bangers And Mash....This duo was born this morning after a breakfast conversation with my kids. We were talking about bands with food names, and my daughter thought that bangers and mash would be a cool name for a band, and I replied that I thought it would be a fantastic name for a pair of detectives.....the light came on. The story is now in full head development and will most likely be written for my kids. They got all giggly at the idea.

So there you have it.....The reaper, the hood and bangers and mash will escape from my head, but Bonesaw will stay there, locked in development hell, or until such times as I can afford an assistant to do my research for me....yes, I am just that lazy.


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