Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Can You See?

This coming Saturday night represents a big day in my life as a soccer fan. For those not in the loop, it is the Gold Cup Final between the US and Mexico, as well as the chance for me to complete the soccer brainwashing of my wife. It will represent something of a coming together, Penny embracing soccer, and me cheering for the US in a sporting capacity.

I can still remember when the World Cup was handed to the American back in 1994. Soccer purists, such as myself, were appalled when they landed the holy grail of the round ball world. I vowed never to lend my backing to a country that didn't appreciate the sport the way it is meant to be. That all changed when I fell in love with an American woman with an affinity for beer and sports. It also helped that the US were drawn against England (shower of bastards) the 2010 World Cup Finals. I was introduced, via alcohol, to a little pocket of rabid fans who loved their country, and understood the beauty of the game.....I became a  US soccer fan.

Now, don't' get me wrong, if the Yanks had to play Scotland in any sort of competitive arena, it's be off with the knickers, on with the kilt, and full foul-mouthed Celt in effect. Until such times, I will throw my support behind the bald eagle crowd, and their hordes of adoring fans.

I mean, look at that picture up there...the pride, the color, the pageantry. It is all that is good about US soccer. take a moment and drink in that image, and then look below and compare it with the average, Scottish soccer you notice the difference?

I don't care that I bear a more striking resemblance to the poor lad in the video up there, this Saturday I will be lending my voice to the nation of apple pie and freedom, where names like Donovan, Bradley, and Dempsey will etch their names into my, if they win, I'll be able to collect a boatload of cash and corona's from the Mexican dudes at work.


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