Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Wanna Bet?

Call me a degenerate if you must, but I have always had a love for gambling. I'm not much for poker, blackjack, or any other casino games for that matter, but sports, particularly the ponies, have always held a real fascination for me. My love of horse racing came early on. The sports section in the Scottish newspapers list all the races for that day, accompanied by a whole host of numbers, previous stats that looked like a code just waiting to be cracked. Math always came easy to me, so these numbers seemed like a challenge that was right up my alley. I would pore over these digits, make my picks, then watch for the results. Turns out I developed a knack for it. Too bad I was only 12 years old and betting shops were a no-go zone for impressionable little poppets like myself. Cue my dad who recognized my "studying" and let me make out a betting slip every Saturday. My choice was a yankee, which was choosing 4 horses from all the races that day and watching as the winnings accumulated with each win (doubles, trebles etc). The winnings weren't much for a 10 pence stake, but it was fun nonetheless.

My love affair with the ponies cooled over time, but was re-ignited when I moved to Calgary, Canada, a city that had live horse racing every spring. My mom and I would go every second Friday, and it was back on again. I started my own website, posting my selections and ended up with a pretty large following. I made money for a lot of those followers, but every time I played seemed to coincide with a losing streak (I am not the luckiest person in the world). The inability to actually bet here in Georgia, once again waned my interest, but, thanks to those usually annoying facebook ads, I found a couple of alternatives that would let me get my daily betting groove on and not cost me a penny in the process. Both sites offer free money to play with (only 10 cents to start), but you can rack it up pretty quickly, plus they give you another 10 cents to play if you lose. All great fun, and the perfect tonic for the casual gambler who would like to keep their shirt. You can check out both sites here...Centsports and FreeSportsBet ......I have also set up a blog, posting my selections most every day, check it out here ......I had a solid month in May, but I am in the crapper this month. Just figured that letting other people know might just turn my luck around.


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