Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spreading The Words

Not so very long ago, I was quite content to hammer out a few lines of nonsense here, mostly as a distraction from the serious business of fiction writing. It would be serious if I really thought I was good enough to actually get anywhere, but alas I don't. OOOOOOPPS!!

Turns out there is a whole other world of writing available if you are prepared to make the step. I did, and am actually very glad to have done so. Almost all of my free time is now taken up writing SEO articles on a variety of subjects, from granite to kitty detectives. What strikes me as odd about the whole thing though is the secrecy, if that's the word, involved in the whole process. By that I mean, I write the piece, send it off to the buyer, and then never find out where it ends up. It's an odd thing to spend time writing something, only to have it completely disappear with the click of a mouse. There are some folks though who are quite happy to show off your work, and let you in on the details. Here are just some of the articles I've done in the past 2 weeks....

Crime Kittehs is my favorite recurring gig, and involves me writing as a feline detective named Harry Meowahan. I write about real cold cases from a Dirty Harry cat perspective....fun, fun, fun.

I've also been taken on as the resident blogger for a website called Party Cafe, and my job there is to do recaps of this seasons Hell's Kitchen, episode by episode. I may eventually be called upon to provide other food related articles, which should be easy given that my wife is a chef.

I've also done a couple of kitchen design gig for a customer in Australia. The difficulty in those was that I was required to put an Aussie spin on what I wrote. The customer was pleased and you can read the results here and here.

There is also another gig that could turn into something big, but I can't really talk about it until all the details fall into place.....very exciting though. I've never really been ambitious or craved money, but it really is nice to be making some dough doing what I love the most......long may it continue, as will the fiction writing, if I ever find the time.


TheodorePuertoriquez said...

Thanks for your work on the blog. Hopefully it will build up readers.

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