Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation Time

Sundays have always been something of a good/bad thing for me. Good in that it is another day off, bad in that work looms large on the horizon. Despite the fact that next week is vacation time for me, this Sunday still rings a little hollow.

A good chunk of that off time will be spent alone. My kids are still up in Canada, vacationing with their family, and Penny will have to work most of the week she was supposed to be off. She will have to train the new chef and get prepared for her new position, regional chef, which starts next Monday. All of this combined has left me a little cranky this week, snapping at the slightest little thing, and generally being a major, unsmiling, pain in the ass........well, more so than usual some would say.

This, I fear, will be nothing compared to what is coming next Sunday, the day before my Penny flies the friendly skies en route to her new career. It is both an exciting and mind-numbingly scary time. It's an amazing opportunity for her, yet we are so attached at the hip, I fear I may fall over when she goes. On the bright side, we do have a little experience with this. When I was forced to go on second shift at work, our quality time became early morning cups of coffee together, and Saturdays where I struggled to stay awake, courtesy of my messed up schedule. We came through that unscathed, and will do the same with this.....the force is strong in this relationship.

So, what to do with all this free time? Reading and writing will occupy the biggest part of it. I have already finished 2 books on my NOOK, and am systematically cutting a swath through the literary backlog. I will also be looking to hammer out a large chunk of Bangers And Mash (my young adult novel currently in the works) in an attempt to get a large percentage complete before my kids get back. The book is, more than anything, a labor of love being written for them, combining characters and places that I used in the bedtime stories I would weave for them when they were little......I miss them so much.

I'm also going to try and get some sleep, although that seems a lot less likely than anything else attempted in the next week. 3 or 4 hours slumber is a good night for me, no matter how tired.....I am rambling now, let's put it down to sleep deprivation. For now, it's beer and soccer time ( A perfect combination that never gets old), while I wait for Pen to get home from work and, much like booze and footy, we are a combination that will never get old......Love you baby.


Chef Penny said...

I love you too!!

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