Friday, January 13, 2012

The Daily Top 10 Set To Return

Not so very long ago I used to do an incredibly snarky little top 10 based off of the "Trending Now" list at Yahoo. It ended up developing quite the little following, as well as allowing me to be flamed by Lady Gaga fans who didn't particularly care from my brand of humor.
When I quit to write full-time, the act of writing for others completely overtook the writing that I did for myself, and all creativity was laid to rest for the time being (not that finding ways to make anal warts and nose picking addiction tips sound interesting doesn't require some creativity, but you know what I mean).
I am now going through a little phase of really missing writing that fun stuff, and it actually took a request to write a fun little article about fatherhood that made me realize how badly I did miss it.
With all that said, I am bringing back the Daily Top 10, although the daily aspect of it will really depend on how busy I am. I'm going to try and wedge one in today, because I just looked at the Trending Now page and there are a couple of great ones for me to rip on.
Stay Tuned.......


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