Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18th, 2011 Top 10

I'm back for another round of snark, and hopefully some celebrity bashing.
  1. Kim Richards - The star of The real Housewives of Beverly Hills is reportedly doing well after a stint in rehab.Strangely enough, Keith Richards is still doing well after almost 70 years of needing rehab.
  2. Jenelle Evans - Another reality star with issues, the Teen Mom is in trouble with the law after an alleged domestic dispute with a roommate. Seems like these "stars" have more interesting real real lives than the real lives they live on reality TV...trying saying that 5 times quickly.
  3. O.J. Simpson - More bad news for the Juice as his Florida home is now on the brink of foreclosure. Rumor has it he may be forced to sleep in Kato Kaelin's bathtub once he gets out of the big house.
  4. Jessica Alba - The Hollywood hottie has just endorsed a number of eco-friendly household baby items, all of which will be available for a monthly fee. Among the new items are the "Deep Blue Bikini for Babies", and "Dark Angel Disposable Diapers."
  5. Katy Perry Sims - The bubbly pop singer has teamed up with EA to appear in, and design themed products for the insanely popular Sims game. In related video game news, Kelly Clarkson's career will be showing up on Dead Island.
  6. Bob The Turkey - Residents of Woodstock, GA are mourning the loss of their beloved town mascot after the turkey was hit by a passing car. Police are looking into possible fowl play.
  7. Everglades Snakes - $ species of giant snake have been plaguing the Everglades and have now been banned from being imported into the US. In future, all Burmese Pythons, northern and southern pythons, and yellow anacondas will be required to carry proof of citizenship at all times.
  8. PIPA - The pending SOPA/PIPA legislation, which are intended to battle internet piracy has caused a number of big name websites to go dark today in protest. men around the world heaved a collective sigh of relief when they learned that online porn sites were not affected.
  9. 1,100 Year Old Tomb - Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an 1,00 year old tomb that they believe belongs to a female singer. They were tipped of by images on the interior walls that showed the entombed vocalist performing in Vegas with Liza Minnelli.
  10. Itzcoatl Ocampo - Nothing funny about this story of a former Marine who had allegedly stabbed four homeless men to death, and was in possession of a list of more possible victims.
Sorry I had to end this list on a downer, let's all hope that some big name celeb does something really stupid in the next 24 hours, so that we all may laugh again.


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