Sunday, June 24, 2012


There are time when sleep won't come, no matter how hard I will it to do so. I shrug it off and figure I'll work, but when the sleepy bug is on my shoulder, tapping in my ear, the words don't come either.
I can deal with laying awake, watching the fan spin in lazy circles above my head, but that blinking cursor on a blank word document puts a knot in my belly the size of Texas.
Writing is my doesn't just pay the bills, it empties my head of negative thoughts and bad shit that turns to rot if left unattended.
Were it not for family I would drown in that negativity and probably be quite comfortable doing so. I spend so much time wallowing on words that it feels good to breathe a little and drink in the love that is sent my way by my wife and kids.
I'm tired, but alive....sleepy, yet happy......restless, but never alone, no matter what I sometimes feel.


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