Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tattoo Confusion

I know all of you regular readers out there are on the edge of your seat waiting for part 2 of the "My 24 Hours With The Devil" story, but I just had to share a pair of weird events that came within a week of one another. As you can probably guess by the title of my blog,  have a few tattoos here and there. That I don't have more has everything to do with my financial situation rather than feeling I have gone too far.

Anyway, the majority of my larger pieces are all inspired by horror movies new and old. No, I am not some Satan worshiping moth breather that wears goat mask to family functions, but I am someone that has always had a love for creepier side of film. It was something that I developed at a very early age when I would sit up with my Mum on Friday nights and watch the old Hammer House of Horror double features along with the classic black and whites. Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee were my heroes. When my Mum passed I decided to take my love of her and the movies we watched to my arms by getting sleeved in horror images. My left arm, which boasts the phrase "Thanks For The Late Nights Mum" has the old school monsters, including Christopher Lee's Dracula (pictured below).
People often make the comment that they love my Bela Lugosi tattoo, which is something of an honest mistake. Last week though, I had a rather tipsy gentleman scream out, "IS THAT A BARACK OBAMA TATTOO?" After the laughter dies, his friends tore him to shreds mercilessly, taking pictures so that they could point out his stupidity to other workers the next day.

Fast forward to this morning when I head to Einstein Bros. bagels for my morning coffee and another person gushing..."I LOVE YOUR ALBERT EINSTEIN TATTOO!!" I explained what it really was and then listened to her tell me how much she loved vampires. So much so it would see, that she thinks one of the kings of modern science got his inspiration by drinking human blood. This was a younger girl, so I imagine her idea of a vampire is one where he is besotted with love for a stern faced, unsmiling waif, and who sparkles like a diamond in the sunlight.

My tattoos are there for all to see, and I really don't mind the questions, or the poking and prodding of my arms, or even the baleful stares of folks who actually imagine that I wear the goat mask to dinner. So just ask me about my ink, I really don't mind, although I must say I prefer when people blurt out ninsense as it gives me something to write about.


DaveGCF said...

I do the best Obama and Einstein tattoos.

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