Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peyton, Papa & Coffee Praise

Football season is now well underway, which means that the alcohol content in my body is beginning to reach its peak annual levels. With all the beer going down, I felt that it was wise to perhaps get a little food in my belly somewhere along the way. All season long, Peyton Manning and he creepy owner of Papa John's Pizza have been arguing back and forth about how many free pizzas they should give away. It was seeing that ad for the 500th time that prompted me to order a meatball pizza for Penny and I. The picture on the website looked incredible, so we could hardly wait for it to arrive.

Our excitement soon turned to disgust upon opening the box. Our 14-inch pizza had a total of 8 tiny meatballs, all of which had somehow landed on the same slice. I imagined the delivery driver cornering on two wheels, causing those meaty bad boys to slide over to one side of the pie. I assume the pepperoni must have had a skittish nature, as it seems they fled the pizza entirely upon feeling that wild car maneuver. I even stepped back outside to see if the driver had left a trail of our meatballs to help him find his way back to the car, but alas, no. I wish I had taken a picture of the bald pizza so that when Papa sent the e-mail offering out free pie the following week, I could have fired back a nasty letter, complete with picture, asking for double the toppings on my free pie......lesson learned here. No more Papa, and Peyton can go fuck himself with the blunt end of a football.

Enjoy this little movie clip before I get to the happy part of this post.

I have always been a little intrigued by magic acts. I remember seeing a dude perform live in this crappy little club in Scotland on a Sunday afternoon. I'll confess to being more than a little tipsy, but this guy was doing tricks that wee good enough to sober me up, As much as I love magic, it has become a little dull to me. That said, Dan Sperry's appearance on America's Got Talent roused my interest again. It was cool to se a guy with as many tattoos as me do something a little different on stage. I became a fan and started following him on Facebook.

Mr Sperry recently announced on his page that he was releasing a new brand of coffee (another personal favorite of mine) called Zombie Java. I loved the idea and left an offhand little comment saying that it sounded like something that could take you from bed to undead in no time at all. Much to my surprise, Dan contacted me and asked if he could use the Bed To Undead tagline for the coffee. I asked for a signed bag in return and the deal was done. The site is set to go live soon, so be sure to order a bag or two.