Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 is just about behind us now, and since the Mayans got it all wrong, it's time to look forward to 2013. It's been not a bad wee year in my part of the world, although it's going out with something of a whimper since my wife has to be on the road for work all week. The beer fridge is pretty bare and I really don't feel like going out and stocking up, so it's likely to be a dry leap from '12 to '13, which probably isn't a bad thing.

There have been more than enough ridiculous New Year's parties in my past to last a lifetime. I remember one when me and my pals had all just turned 18. I was still living in Scotland, and since one of my mates parents were out of town for an extended period, we decided to embark on a 3 day bender at his house. We loaded up on lager and cider, cranked the music and got the party started. It lasted for about2 hours and 45 minutes, at which point one of the lads somehow managed to put his fist through the living room door while dancing. The host, as you can imagine, was less than impressed and threw us all out on the street. The sad fact was that we only had about 4 cans of lager left anyway, which meant the chances of partying hard for 2 more days were somewhat unlikely.

This change of year will probably be devoted to writing a little, as I have a good bit of work to do, which is good. Writing is actually going to be my New Year's resolution, and is hopefully one that I can live up to. I spend so much time writing stuff for others that writing for myself has gone out the window. I have decided that it's time to get back to that, so I am going to set up a blog where I can write once per week. I'm not talking about the ranting nonsense that I put on here, but rather short stories and little snippets of ideas that pop into my head on a daily basis, yet get shuffled back in favor of the SEO work that keeps me all too busy. I will update this page with a link to the new blog as soon as it's done. Thanks to those of you who came here on a regular basis and read my little blurbs. I hope you all get everything you wish for in 2013.