Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time To Get A Little Snarky

I may have mentioned on here in the past about my previous efforts at doing Top 10 lists centered around the news of the day. I did them for a couple of different sites, experiencing great success each time. I even went through a phase where they were picked up by a college newspaper until I stopped doing them completely. The reason I quit, both times, was due to the ridiculous attacks hurled in my direction, most of which came fro Lady Gaga fans. It seemed they didn't really care for the fun I poked at their idol, with my snarky little remarks seeing to get them all fired up. I was making a little bit of money doing these lists, but not enough to have to put up with that level of crap.

I have now officially toughened up and have started a blog dedicated to those snarky little Top 10 lists. I love doing them, and they really are a welcome break among all the other stuff that I have to write every day. The new site is called The Daily Snark and is updated every day, assuming the news isn't all entirely miserable. If you don't mind seeing your favorite celeb poked with a sharp stick, head on over and check it out.

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