Saturday, October 19, 2013

In Praise Of Tim

I was jut flipping through my blogs and became appalled at how long it has been since I have written anything here. Truth be told, I haven't really had anything happen that has inspired me to rant or praise, but that all changes this morning.

I may have mentioned in the past my love for coffee and how I need my morning jolt of caffeine in order to get the day started. The problem has been that since I moved from Canada to the US, getting my hands on a delicious cup of java for the coffee maker has not been easy.

We have gone through several different brands and flavors, before finally settling on Folgers 100% Colombian as our coffee of choice. As good as that brew is, it still pales in comparison to the coffee delivered by Tim Horton's.

Imagine our joy yesterday when my kids returned from a visit with my sister holding a giant can of Timmy's coffee in their delicate little angel hands. The first pot was made this morning, along with a stunning homemade breakfast quiche, and I am in heaven, which is actually saying something coming from a confirmed atheist.

To every silver lining, though, there is a cloud attached that cannot be ignored. The cumulus crapper here is that there is only a finite amount of coffee in the can. Every spoonful of coffee grinds shoveled into the filter brings closer the day when the tin runs empty and my might heart starts to break. It is at that point that I will have to switch from drinking java made from the sweat of the greats in the Hockey Hall of Fame to the juice of Juan Valdez's Donkey.


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