Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another Mother's Day

At this time last year, I wrote a Mother's Day post dedicated to my mum who has now not been with us for what seems like an eternity. The reality is that you simply cannot measure a loss of that magnitude in terms of days, weeks, months, or even years, as it is something that sticks to your soul and sucks a little bit of life out of your every time you think about it. That thinking about my mum is a daily event for me gives you a little indication of the impact it has had on this old heart of mine.

I don't like to speak for anyone else, but i imagine that my sister's have similar feelings, with days as special as today making that loss a little more painful than usual. I hope that my sisters are able to do the same thing as me in these situations, and that is to plug the holes in the heart with the love that you get from everyone else. When I think of my mum, I also tend to think of my Dad and my two great sisters, and that mends things a little. I then think of my wife and my kids, and that pain becomes lessened and my heart becomes a little more whole. It will never be fully mended, that I know, but it will be patched up enough by love to make it function as it should.

Perhaps the biggest coronary repair kit comes in the form of memories of my mum. Those are like a battery charger for the failing soul. Whenever I start to slip to a point where it feels as though there may be no coming back, I switch from the negative thoughts and think of the good ones. I am fortunate in that my mum was able to provide us all with so many, as that means the charging power will always remain on full.

Whether your mum is in the here and now or the hereafter makes no difference today or any other day. Tell her that you love her and reach out to her in any way that you can. For some it will be in the form of a happy hug, for others a silent prayer. For me, it will be in the raising of a wee glass of whisky with a toast to the woman that made the most positive impact in my life, and who will continue to do so until my name is called.

Love you mum!! Cheers!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Child Of The 80's

I have spent the last few days listening to my fully-loaded iPod and reminiscing about the magical days of the 80's.

Those were the day when I had hair, and when I looked down I could still see my feet. My music of choice back then was the New Wave sounds, where sythesizers bleeped and blooped out some of the greatest music ever created.

Whenever one of those tunes hits my stereo, I can't help but leap off the couch - ok, I get up gingerly to the accompaniment of cracking bones - and launch into some of my signature 80's dance moves. An example of said move can be seen in the video below:

Since it was well past time to get another lens up over at Squidoo, I decided to pause the tribute to bacon article that I was working on and deliver an 80's tribute piece. Please take a moment to click on over and read while I ice down my back and knees after listening to The Reflex by Duran Duran for the 4th consecutive time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turn Me Into A Giant Squid

I should preface this piece by immediately letting you know that the title above is not an invitation to a Kickstarter campaign to have myself shipped off to the Island of Dr. Moreau. What I am actually doing is trying to gain a wee bit of a foothold over at Squidoo.

When you get noticed over there, you become what is known as a "Giant Squid." I constantly get people asking to see examples of my writing before they purchase, which is a smart move. The problem is that I have been bitten by that, with people essentially running off with work that was done for another client. With Squidoo, I can write cool little articles, or Lenses as they are referred to there, which I can then point people to as an example.

My goal is to create 52 lenses in the next few months. If that seems like a rather oddly specific number, it is because I want to tackle different subject starting with each letter of the alphabet, TWICE!!

Here is where I need your help. The first lens I created was about Airbrush Art, with the next one about to be devoted to all things BACON!! What I need are some suggestions for upcoming letters of the alphabet. Be as obscure as you like, as I am also using the whole Squidoo thing to try and challenge myself a little.

If you are nice enough to head on over and check out what I do, please go ahead and share, as that will launch me ever closer to giant squid status and the fame that it brings. Well, there is no real fame, but it will help improve my mood a little.

Thank you in advance!!