Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turn Me Into A Giant Squid

I should preface this piece by immediately letting you know that the title above is not an invitation to a Kickstarter campaign to have myself shipped off to the Island of Dr. Moreau. What I am actually doing is trying to gain a wee bit of a foothold over at Squidoo.

When you get noticed over there, you become what is known as a "Giant Squid." I constantly get people asking to see examples of my writing before they purchase, which is a smart move. The problem is that I have been bitten by that, with people essentially running off with work that was done for another client. With Squidoo, I can write cool little articles, or Lenses as they are referred to there, which I can then point people to as an example.

My goal is to create 52 lenses in the next few months. If that seems like a rather oddly specific number, it is because I want to tackle different subject starting with each letter of the alphabet, TWICE!!

Here is where I need your help. The first lens I created was about Airbrush Art, with the next one about to be devoted to all things BACON!! What I need are some suggestions for upcoming letters of the alphabet. Be as obscure as you like, as I am also using the whole Squidoo thing to try and challenge myself a little.

If you are nice enough to head on over and check out what I do, please go ahead and share, as that will launch me ever closer to giant squid status and the fame that it brings. Well, there is no real fame, but it will help improve my mood a little.

Thank you in advance!!